Now is the time to prepare your home for winter temperatures – KTRK-TV

Now is the time to prepare your home for winter temperatures – KTRK-TV

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) — There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the winter storm of February 2021 – especially when it comes to protecting your home.

“Prepare early,” says Raleigh Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services. “It’s time to do it now.”

Jenkins recommends homeowners buy their winter supplies today, as they’ll be difficult to find in the days leading up to frigid temperatures.

“You’re going to see everyone rushing to the store and getting prepared,” Jenkins says. “It might be too late (to get supplies) if we wait until the forecast says the weather is coming.”

Many Houstonians experienced a loss of plants following this year’s freeze, so Jenkins says it’s important to cover plants and bushes. He recommends using coverings that breathe, such as a canvas drop cloth.

“My first concerns are palms like sago palms and queen palms,” he explains. “If you get those covered and protected you’ll be better off because they’re going to freeze first.”

Jenkins also emphasizes the importance of insulating pipes for your home, irrigation system, and pool equipment.

“You want to make sure you get the right size of pipe insulation,” Jenkins states. “Then come back in with duct tape and wrap the tape around it to hold the insulation in place.”

In addition to pipe insulation and drop cloths, Jenkins also mentioned faucet covers and insulated covers as items that can help your home withstand frigid temperatures.

“If you wait until the last minute, all the supplies are going to be gone,” he said. “Let’s get ahead of the curve and be prepared.”

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